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Terms and Conditions

By signing your copy of quotation or agreeing by written confirmation (letter or email) you are also agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

1) Terms and Conditions, updated August 2017, subject to change. Please print a copy of the current terms and conditions when you agree to use our services.

2) Damp Surveys and corresponding reports for potential homeowners to contribute towards mortgages or sales negotiation will be charged a fee. Site visit will take place and the survey will be released when payment is made in full either by BACS or cash (we accept cheques but the survey will only be released once the cheque has cleared which may take several days).

3) Quotations are free for homeowners. In the quotation will be a full description of works to be carried out. Customers are advised to read the quotation fully, any alterations, queries or discrepancies to be brought to our attention at the first opportunity. Changes to the original scope of works may incur extra costs or require a deduction.

4) Any works un quoted for but required to be carried out will be in addition to original costs, to be discussed and agreed with the client before work commences. This would also apply to any unforeseen issues that may arise whilst work is in progress. Any extra work or alterations will not be carried out without client’s instruction and written consent via email.

5) Our payment terms are 2 weeks unless stated otherwise on your invoice. Written reminders are sent out on the last date of your payment terms with an extension date. If payment is not made by the extension date interest will occur at the current statutory interest rate plus the Bank of England base rate. Advance written warning will be sent out advising of added and accumulating interest if and when necessary. If you are to have trouble paying, we are to be informed at the earliest convenience. If it is brought to our attention that you cannot afford the work before or at any point through the contract, we reserve the right to cancel works or delay the contract.

6) We reserve the right to request that customers pay for materials directly to us or the supplier in advance of delivery or to supply their own materials if the contract requires a high value amount or perishable materials.

7) We reserve the right to cease trading if intermittent payments as laid out in a payment term are not met. Work will commence once again once payments due are made in full. (This will only apply to contracts that will take longer than 3 weeks and will be discussed and agreed with the client before work begins)

8) All our Damp work can be provided with a guarantee at the customers request, these guarantees are supplied by either Wykamol or Sovereign Chemicals Ltd. These vary in cost and duration, all options of which will be disclosed in your quotation for you to decide which option best suits your needs.  Guarantee's for works other than damp proofing as stated above, are as follows: Any defects in the Company’s workmanship and/or materials shall be rectified at the Company’s expense provided proper notice of such is given to the Company within six months of completion of the Contract or the date of invoice whichever is the earlier.

8.a any losses caused by improper maintenancethe property and grounds the guarantor will not be liable.

8.b any losses caused by anything other than the main contractor. Defects from a third-party contractor, those caused by poor workmanship or interference which will in part, result in the penetration of free water into the structural of  waterproofing system the guarantor will not be liable .

8.c The basis of the Contract is that the job can be proceeded with to completion without a break unless otherwise stated by the Company. Any increase in costs arising from breaks in continuity will be charged for by the Company. Any losses incured by this contrcact  will be liable to the customer.

.9) Any damp work carried out below ground can only be guaranteed for a maximum period of 10 years.

10) Guarantees are applied for once payment is made in full for works completed this would include, where occurred, any interest or additional costs that have occurred during the contract for unforeseen works as laid out in paragraph 4 of this document. if paying by cheque guarantee will be processed when the cheque has cleared.

11) The client is responsible for any removal of fixtures and fittings unless stated otherwise in the quotation.

12) The Client is responsible for removing any items of value from the area in which we will be working.

13) We, the contractor will ensure that all fixtures and fittings that cannot be removed eg, kitchen units, carpets etc are covered adequately.

14) The client will need to ensure that there is constant access to work area and to advise of any parking requirements such as disc zones / permits.

15) The client is responsible for ensuring that children are not to be in the vicinity of the working area or area being used for preparation eg, mixing plaster. We use power tools and, in some cases, strong chemicals which can be harmful when coming into contact with skin, eyes, or even to be inhaled.

16) Client is responsible for keeping pets away from the working vicinity. Tools, machinery and chemicals that are often used may be harmful to them.

17) We the contractor will advise on how long works will take and give a general idea of start date. We cannot guarantee a start date due to potential delays on other contracts, however we will give an estimated start date and 1 week before will contact the client to let you know of any changes. We will always endeavour to start as close to the start date as possible.

18) All work is guaranteed for a period of 6 months once payment has been made in full (this is in addition to any other guarantees that have been purchased as in paragraph 10).

19) In the unlikely event of any disputes arising between us the contractor and the client, we reserve the right to collect all of our belongings, tools and materials purchased by the company from site.

All materials provived remains the property  of damp tech Ltd untill the conract price is paid in full.

We reserve the right to collect all items at Damp tech Ltd discretion.

20) Any sub-contractors brought in to work alongside Damp Tech are responsible for their own team, tools, plant and insurance liabilities.

  1. 21) Every care will be taken by our staff to ensure that the work is carried out without causing damage to the property or fittings, but because of the nature of the work, the fragility of ceilings, plaster and other fittings, there is always the possibility that some damage may occur. It is a condition of this contract that the Company will not be liable for any loss or damage to the property or fittings unless such damage can be attributed to negligence by the Company.