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Basement and cellar conversions and Tanking

Basement and Cellar conversions are becoming ever more common these days, adding extra living space, value to your home and potential for rental opportunities.

Water ingress through the mortar joints and brickwork is common in any part of a property that is below ground due to hydrostatic water pressure surrounding a building’s foundations, therefore it is recommended that a waterproofing system is applied before any renovation work is carried out. Without it, water can penetrate the brickwork and mortar joints, bringing with it hydroscopic salts and minerals that will damage plaster,paint and wall coverings as well as cause black mould and unsightly tide marks on wall coverings and even on furniture that may come into close contact with the affected walls.

The term ‘Tanking’ refers to the internal application of a moisture resistant barrier or ‘waterproof membrane’ to the walls and floors of the basement. This can be done with a Delta Membrane, or a slurry.

The Type C  cavity drain system or ‘Delta Membrane’ being the most common choice as this works alongside the pump and sump system which often required for basement / cellar tanking.

If you are thinking of converting your cellar or basement, get in touch via the 'contact us' page to arrange a free, informal site visit to discuss the best approach for your property along with costings.